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Roasted Baby Carrots with Hummus

This is nom nom. And real easy to throw together. And totes veegs. Wooohooo! Continue reading “Roasted Baby Carrots with Hummus”


Hummus with Purple Sprouting Broccoli

The international day of celebrating all things hummus is here! And we’re joining the party with the simple pleasure of homemade hummus topped with pistachios and pomegranate and the freshest of purple sprouting broccoli.

Veegs, veegs, veegs.  Continue reading “Hummus with Purple Sprouting Broccoli”

Lebanese Giant Cous Cous & Chickpea Salad

Deep, warming and intensely satisfying flavours await you…. make this.

Full vegan business. Continue reading “Lebanese Giant Cous Cous & Chickpea Salad”

Saudi Champagne

A little something to accompany the saffron roast tomatoes and Persian chilau of yesterday’s post.

Saudi champagne is a really delicious non-alcoholic drink that’s so refreshing it actually makes your mouth water.

A perfect drink to serve for guests who are driving, even non-drivers will want at least one when they see it, remember that.  Continue reading “Saudi Champagne”

Saffron Roast Tomatoes & Labneh with Persian Herb Chilau


This is my kinda food right here. But then, s’pose all the recipes we share with you are my kinda food!

Two recipes in one, folks. Nice. Perfect for each other and entertaining the eat kind way.   Continue reading “Saffron Roast Tomatoes & Labneh with Persian Herb Chilau”

Pumpkin Hummus

Now then, this isn’t pumpkin flavoured chick pea hummus, this is hummus made from pumpkin.

And oh boy, reckon it’s better than the chick pea version. Yep.

Now, you know we love hummus so much we’re prepared to peel every bloomin’ chick pea to achieve that smooth consistency we crave, so these are big words, but that’s one of the reasons this dish beats the better known version, it’s so damn easy, and really, really good. And veegs! Continue reading “Pumpkin Hummus”

Triple H Flatbreads

Hummus, halloumi, harissa, the three h’s of the fertile crescent!

This is some 5 star, class A action right here – that’s ready in about 15 mins flat.

Kicking off International Veggie Month in style, don’t you think. I say kicking off, we’re a few days late, true to form and unapologetically so.   Continue reading “Triple H Flatbreads”

Fruit Salad with Rosewater & Mint

Basically this is just a collection of all four of my all time favourite summer fruits, plus an apple.

And d’ya know what? It’s the apple that makes it. Apple and mint are best friends as we know, here it’s cut up real small and so gets pretty pally with the rose water too and just brings everything together as one. The fruits are left to steep in rosewater which amplifies their sweetness.
Continue reading “Fruit Salad with Rosewater & Mint”

Don’t fear the freekeh

C’mon baby, don’t fear the freekeh.

Cast your minds back to the These 5 Grains post we did a few months ago. Y’know, the one where we banged on forever about the virtue of five ancient grains.

Greenwheat freekeh was among them, and the salad we made with artichokes, golden onions and labneh instantly became Charlie’s new fave.

Well it’s back gracing our salad bowl and between the freekeh and the hemp hearts, this little beauty packs a whopper protein punch. And a taste sensation.  Continue reading “Don’t fear the freekeh”

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