One Day, Three Marmalades

Here’s how to make all three marmalades at once without losing your sanity.

This will take the best part of a day time you’ve drained every last bit of juice and goodness out the fruits but what a way to spend a day. The kitchen smells glorious throughout and you can wonder off while the fruit is simmering to do Christmasy things, all the while making gifts for many a loved one. Continue reading “One Day, Three Marmalades”


Elderflower Ice Cream

Been foraging again, for elderflowers. What else at this time of year, eh.

So now there are four recipes for these delectable little flowers available on the CBP website. Whoopeee!

This one is just as delicious as the others, and just a bit naughtier. It’s also somewhat of a cheat as far as making ice cream goes, so happy days. No churning required.  Continue reading “Elderflower Ice Cream”

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