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Elderflower Ice Cream

Been foraging again, for elderflowers. What else at this time of year, eh.

So now there are four recipes for these delectable little flowers available on the CBP website. Whoopeee!

This one is just as delicious as the others, and just a bit naughtier. It’s also somewhat of a cheat as far as making ice cream goes, so happy days. No churning required.  Continue reading “Elderflower Ice Cream”


Warm Mushroom Salad

Hmmmmm, mushrooms – ruddy love ’em. And this is shroom bliss.  Continue reading “Warm Mushroom Salad”

Rosemary & Orange Shortbread

These shortbread thins are outstandingly good. Like, WOW good.

All the recipes in this Herbs in Sweet Places collection are really delicious but if you make only one, have it be this one. Continue reading “Rosemary & Orange Shortbread”

Lemon Thyme Drizzle Cake

Flecked green with lemon thyme, this drizzle cake is as beautiful as it is delicious. Delightful served with tea in the afternoon, or any when you please.

Everyone loves a drizzle cake hey, and this one makes it into the Guardian’s top 10 best herb recipes.  Continue reading “Lemon Thyme Drizzle Cake”

Carlin Pea Chilli

Ever heard of Carlin Peas? Lancastrians will know exactly what they are, but likely if you’re from down south like me, these were total news.

Carlin peas, aka maple peas, aka black badgers, aka pigeon peas, aka brown peas – are a British grown classic (medievally speaking) that make a great substitute to the chick pea. Enjoyed on bonfire night in the north, with lashing of vinegar – wiki’s words!

Imagine that, an air mile free (in the UK) chickpea and bean alternative. Great news huh, for salads, soups, stews, brownies, and…. chilli’s.

A four bean/pea chilli, which we’ll grant ya, does rack the air mile count back up again but it all helps, innit. And it’s vegan.  With air miles on the membrane, we opted for freekeh instead of the go to quinoa, the results were pleasing. This is a fail safe recipe from Jamie’s 15 minute meals, and delicious. We’ve said 30mins cuz we’re not as quick as Jamie – but it does cook in 15mins.

Tuck in.  Continue reading “Carlin Pea Chilli”

Hash 29

With an emphasis on the ‘flexi’ element of flexitarianism and with absolutely nothing climate kind about it, here’s how we use up the last little bits of crimble leftovers.

We call this Hash 29. And it’s reet excellent.  Continue reading “Hash 29”

Farro Chestnut & Pomegranate Salad

Something extra delicious on the side for those not eating meat this festive season. The flavours are warm, deep and comforting, not bad going for a salad huh. Plus it’s vegan, yey!

We riffed on a idea from Ottolenghi for this bejewelled wonder.

This one is a little more involved but it is worth it, especially if you’re already roastin’ chestnuts on an open fire…. Continue reading “Farro Chestnut & Pomegranate Salad”

Pickled Onions


Would you just look at these beauties. The simple things are the best, aren’t they.

Cannot stop thinking about this jar of spiky gorgeousness we made yesterday – and how long we’re going to have to wait to try them. It’s 2 months, aaaages in other words.

This is the first time we’ve made pickled onions (I know, can hardy believe it meself, like), mostly cuz all that peeling seems like such a teary faff, never thinking to actually check a recipe for the low-down.

Well, the low-down is there’s a trick involved and the onions are easy to peel. Predictably.

The countdown begins. Continue reading “Pickled Onions”

Mushroom Picker’s Pastries

Pastries for pickers of mushrooms.

This recipe suits any and all mushrooms you may have in your basket – be that your forager’s or supermarket basket!

We’re really rather partial to mushrooms round here, and this is really rather good y’know.  Continue reading “Mushroom Picker’s Pastries”

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