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Fried Courgette Flowers with Maple & Vinegar

This has to be the most elegantly decadent and ridiculously delicious way to enjoy courgette flowers. And believe me, we love to enjoy courgette flowers!

Very quick, very easy to make, bursting with sweet and tangy flavour, with crispy batter and soft to the bite courgettes en fleur, this is a winner in every way.

What’s more, it’s vegan.

And I gotta tell ya, there’s nothing I like so much as a tasty morsel that is vegan and effortlessly decadent.  Continue reading “Fried Courgette Flowers with Maple & Vinegar”


Tomato & Cannellini Bean Stew

Utterly delicious goodness going on with this tomato and white bean stew. Continue reading “Tomato & Cannellini Bean Stew”

Kohlrabi & Green Apple Slaw

A re-mix of sorts here. The exquisite pairing of kohlrabi and granny smith is so legendary we’re featuring it twice here at CBP.

What’s more, this is a vegan slaw. Lovin’ that.  Continue reading “Kohlrabi & Green Apple Slaw”

Mushroom & Almond Soup with Fino

More British summer antics equals more mouthwatering soups from the Moro cookbook, by Sam and Sam Clark.

It may not be much of a looker but like french onion soup, this Sopa de Setas packs a real punch flavour wise and ought be equally adored the world over. Continue reading “Mushroom & Almond Soup with Fino”

Butternut Squash & Puy Lentil Ragu

A hearty, satisfying veegs ragu option for ya. Continue reading “Butternut Squash & Puy Lentil Ragu”

Hemp Milk

At last. Our very own nut sack! No more shop-bought nut milks for us. Continue reading “Hemp Milk”

Mango Sorbet

Mangoes, Mangoes, Mangoes!

Oh how we love them, and a good no fuss three ingredient recipe. Continue reading “Mango Sorbet”

Amok Tofu

Flavour and theatre in epic proportions at play in this glorious dish from Cambodia. Continue reading “Amok Tofu”

Roasted Baby Carrots with Hummus

This is nom nom. And real easy to throw together. And totes veegs. Wooohooo! Continue reading “Roasted Baby Carrots with Hummus”

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