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Kale, Feta & Dill Paté

This is flippin’ lovely this is.

The salty feta meets the slight bitterness of the kale perfectly in this delicious paté, a dish worthy of such top grade kale, gifted to us by a friend and their bountiful allotment.

Couldn’t be simpler, and perfect for late summer evenings. Continue reading “Kale, Feta & Dill Paté”


Stuffed Apricots

I dream of these little babies. Have done since the first time I had them in a Turkish restaurant in Stoke Newington years ago. So far back in fact, that restaurant isn’t there anymore.

These dreamy, delicate iconic Turkish morsels, Kaymaklı kayısı tatlısı in their mother tongue, hail from Cappadocia. Where fairy chimneys dominate the landscape and underground cities rule beneath. I’ve not made that up. Continue reading “Stuffed Apricots”

Confit Tomatoes with Thick Yoghurt

The only way to eat tomatoes from now on. This combination is to die for.  Continue reading “Confit Tomatoes with Thick Yoghurt”

Fig Frangipane

Yuh-huh. Lovely, lovely frangipane of figs.  Continue reading “Fig Frangipane”

Beetroot & Black Cumin Soup

Up your soup game with this dramatic number from Sam and Sam Clark’s cookbook Moro, the first one.  Continue reading “Beetroot & Black Cumin Soup”

Elderflower Ice Cream

Been foraging again, for elderflowers. What else at this time of year, eh.

So now there are four recipes for these delectable little flowers available on the CBP website. Whoopeee!

This one is just as delicious as the others, and just a bit naughtier. It’s also somewhat of a cheat as far as making ice cream goes, so happy days. No churning required.  Continue reading “Elderflower Ice Cream”

Roasted Baby Artichokes with Fennel & Lemon

Truly love artichokes but find I’m rarely up to the preparation challenges they present. Continue reading “Roasted Baby Artichokes with Fennel & Lemon”

Warm Mushroom Salad

Hmmmmm, mushrooms – ruddy love ’em. And this is shroom bliss.  Continue reading “Warm Mushroom Salad”

Radishes with Butter & Sea Salt

Not so much a recipe as a devilishly good serving suggestion for spring into summer.

Get heritage radishes if you can, for no other reason than great presentation, and get to it!

Remarkably good radishes.  Continue reading “Radishes with Butter & Sea Salt”

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