Oven-Dried Tomato & Dolcelatte Tartlets


You can never have too many tartlet recipes up your sleeve, especially at this time of year. They are quick and easy bung in the oven tasty stuff. Continue reading “Oven-Dried Tomato & Dolcelatte Tartlets”


Stuffed Apricots

I dream of these little babies. Have done since the first time I had them in a Turkish restaurant in Stoke Newington years ago. So far back in fact, that restaurant isn’t there anymore.

These dreamy, delicate iconic Turkish morsels, Kaymaklı kayısı tatlısı in their mother tongue, hail from Cappadocia. Where fairy chimneys dominate the landscape and underground cities rule beneath. I’ve not made that up. Continue reading “Stuffed Apricots”

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