Charlie Big Potatoes

Usage: /char-lie big pot-a-toes/ Originating from back in the day in east and north London, the lesser known phrase ‘givin it charlie big potatoes’ is a term of endearment (loosely). Meaning: strutting about like the dog’s kahoonas.

Here at Charlie’s we try to focus on sustainable living, to the best of our abilities from our basement flat in zone 2 London, at least!

When it comes to what we eat, this means choosing seasonal, locally and ethically produced food, reducing waste, and calorific intake, and greatly reducing our dependency on the environmentally harmful meat, diary and fish producing industries. And bloody packaging!!

We find ourselves pickling, fermenting, cooking from scratch and with leftovers, making our own dairy free milks and yoghurts, and foraging much more than we ever used to, and we love it.

So we thought we’d share our journey with you.

You’ll find oodles of recipes that apply one or all of these principles, that are easy to make and punch above their weight in the taste department.


Recipes, one could say, that give it Charlie Big Potatoes.


Refuse. Reduce. Reuse. Repurpose. Recycle. 


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