Usage: /char-lie big pot-a-toes/ Originating from back in the day in east and north London, the lesser known phrase ‘givin it charlie big potatoes’ is a term of endearment (loosely). Meaning: strutting about like the dog’s kahoonas

So what the bejeezuz is climate kind eating? It’s different things to different people, the big potatoes blend is going meat-free Monday to Friday. We’ve been all over eating local and seasonal produce, reducing waste and food air miles and only eating organic free range meat, eggs and dairy for a while now, but we’ve been kidding ourselves that this is enough. This is a journey that may well end up at all out veganism, but as previously hard-core carnivores we’re not there yet.

Fully-fledged veggies and vegans we salute you, perhaps we should call ours climate kinder eating, but that doesn’t read so well.

This space is for sharing our climate kind eating adventures. We’ll regularly post recipes for great meat-free eats through the week and no holds barred meat and fish recipes for the weekend. The classics, and some new ones.

Recipes, one could say, that give it Charlie Big Potatoes.

From time to time we’ll also feature interviews with folks going about their own climate kind living, and link to studies and news about the environment, population and food and how they are inextricably linked.