02: February

If it’s in bold, it’s at its seasonal peak right now!


| jerusalem artichokes | brussel sprouts & tops | cabbages; cavolo nero, red, savoy & white | celeriac | celery | chicory; red & white | endive; curly (frisée) | greens; spring & winter | kale | leeks |lettuce; greenhouse | potatoes | swede |turnips; winter |


| rhubarb; forced |


| sea kale |

Proceed with caution environmentally speaking. Sea kale is so delicious that Victorians ate it to near extinction. The species has been painstakingly brought back to life in recent years and crops became available again about 10yrs ago. So let’s not have a repeat of the Victorian stampede, hey. Only buy what you need and see it as a garnish, make a little go a long way.

Treats From Europe

| pomegranate | truffles; black, white |

Pomegranates are available all year long, which is a very good thing at this time of year, given the berries’ proclivity for summer months.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of everything that’s in season. We consider some foodstuffs to be environmentally unsound even when they’re in season here at CBP, so they simply don’t feature. This mostly applies to seafood and game but there are a few things growing wild that we humans have abused in the past and ought leave alone for while to replenish.

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