Green Goddess & Red Devil Dips with h/m Grissini


Oh yeah peeps, ohhh yeeeah.

Love the evenings at this time of year, as summer’s last dalliances beckon autumn nearer.

It is our view that this is precisely the kinda food you want with you for those warm, balmy, yet slightly restless evenings.

Our respect for the fresh and zingy Green Goddess dressing at Big Potatoes is well documented. Here it is again, a little bit thicker for vegetable dunking and teamed up with a deep and fiery Red Devil dip. And served with homemade grissini no less.

This was our first (intensely satisfy) go at making grissini, the moreish, knobbly, quintessentially Italian breadsticks, and if you haven’t yet we highly recommend you do.  Continue reading “Green Goddess & Red Devil Dips with h/m Grissini”

Avocado with Herbs

Nothing doing, just wonderfully ripe and creamy avocados with tons of herbs, olive oil, sea salt and ground black pepper.

In this instance parsley, mint, dill and chives but as long as there’s a mix of more than two pretty much anything goes.

Eat with spoons (in seconds usually)!

Green Goddess Salad

We’ve got a winner on our hands with this one. The classic green goddess dressing is back from the 70’s, and beautifully updated here with an avocado, pea and quinoa salad. A great mid-weeker cuz it’s quick, easy, packed with nutritional goodness, including protein from the quinoa, and greater than the sum of it’s parts taste wise.

Vive la GGD! Continue reading “Green Goddess Salad”

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