By the Power of Vegetables 2….

We’re back with a bit more veggie power for ya….

You remember the last one, right? Back in April? We featured five dishes giving vegetables centre stage.

Reckon it’s time we checked in again, what with our mish here at CBP to eat less meat and shout our big mouth off about it.

We’re on a root vegetable tip this time round and these beauties, each of them capable of ‘holding the plate’, will be coming atcha over the next few days…. Continue reading “By the Power of Vegetables 2….”

Superbowl Salad

Not to mislead those looking for NFL junk food delights, we’re not sure a rubble of raw veggies, lentils and quinoa quite cuts it as a nachos / dog side order. It ain’t slaw.

Nah. This is a hearty bowl of superfoods, hence the ridic’ name we’ve given it. Eating this is better suited to playing a sport than watching one we’d say.

For some unknown reason I’ve always been surprised when I enjoy ‘healthy’ food – this was mind blowing.

Vegan business.
Continue reading “Superbowl Salad”

Vegetable Stock

Yep. Not the sexiest topic for a blog post, with ya there.

But here’s a thing. In the climate kind eating world that is Charlie Big Potatoes, the importance of making your own vegetable stock cannot be overstated.

So we’re giving it it’s own post and a bit of the limelight. Alright?

We’ve got a chefy trick for ya, for when vegetable stock is the star of the show. Like the recipe that’s coming up tomorrow, for example.

We tend to make a batch, use half and freeze half, it’s well handy to have a stockpile (err, sorry?). Continue reading “Vegetable Stock”

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