Vegetable Stock

Yep. Not the sexiest topic for a blog post, with ya there.

But here’s a thing. In the climate kind eating world that is Charlie Big Potatoes, the importance of making your own vegetable stock cannot be overstated.

So we’re giving it it’s own post and a bit of the limelight. Alright?

We’ve got a chefy trick for ya, for when vegetable stock is the star of the show. Like the recipe that’s coming up tomorrow, for example.

We tend to make a batch, use half and freeze half, it’s well handy to have a stockpile (err, sorry?). Continue reading “Vegetable Stock”

By the Power of Vegetables….

…..Veggie Power!

We didn’t want the other vegetables feeling left out following last week’s carrot extravaganza.

So this week there’s a recipe a day featuring vegetables givin’ it Charlie Big Potatoes.

By which we mean each of these side dishes is remarkably good and worthy of your attention. They wouldn’t be here if they weren’t.

We’ll start proceedings with¬†Braised Celery….. Continue reading “By the Power of Vegetables….”

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