Omelette Arnold Bennett

There are, as one would expect, several different takes on how to make the perfect OAB.

This recipe is akin to Marcus Wareing’s recipe from The Savoy Grill’s menu, so about as authentic as it gets but with one seemingly minor adaptation to the method which actually cuts out tons of faff and about 35mins. Cuz who’s got the time these days, right.

Could OAB be the most deliciously decadent omelette in the known universe? Quite possibly, yes. Continue reading “Omelette Arnold Bennett”

Poached Egg on Green Beans with Ravigote Sauce

The French have been at it for centuries thankfully, any country that decrees a list of fundamental sauces known as the 5 mother sauces gets our vote. Those players being Béchamel, Espagnole, Velouté, Hollandaise, and Tomate.

Turning a few paltry ingredients into an unctuous sauce is a ubiquitously French art form.

Salsa verde, Mornay, au poivre, mayonnaise, to name but a few enviable ‘daughter sauces’. The silky, spiky stunner that is Ravigote sauce shows the rest of us that even green beans and an egg can make a fabulously tasty lunch. Erm, Amen? Continue reading “Poached Egg on Green Beans with Ravigote Sauce”

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