Porridge Bread

We’re making Jenny Chandler’s Porridge Bread and oh my days it’s a revelation!

Big fans of Jenny ‘The Bean Queen’ Chandler round these parts.

If, like us, you’ve been wanting to start making your own bread at home for a while but can’t ever seem to get off the starting block, then this simple and delicious soda bread recipe is for you!

You have nothing to lose by trying this, please do.  Continue reading “Porridge Bread”

Vegan Aïoli

You ‘eard. Aïoli made from silken tofu, and virtually indistinguishable from actual aïoli. For-realsies.

Changes things, don’t you think?

This genius notion is from Melbourne restaurant Smith & Daughters owners Shannon Martinez and Mo Wise, who write cook books that happen to be vegan. Exactly our kind of vegan.
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