Gooseberry Galette


You’re probably bored of our galette obsession already but we’re not gunna tire of them any day soon.

We couldn’t resist making a galette with the the red and green gooseberries we bought at the market.

In fact it occurs to us that a galette is the perfect way to show case the wonderful seasonal goods you bought on impulse because you couldn’t help yourself. They are seriously good things, believe.

We’ve covered galettes in recent times so this is more of a pictures post tbh…. Continue reading “Gooseberry Galette”

Swiss Chard and Mushroom Galette


Something special for the long weekend.

What a fabulous way to show off Swiss Chard at it’s seasonal best. And show off to yer mates, without busting ya balls or bank balance.

A great picnic crowd pleaser, this particular galette went through the ringer before it was photographed. Cooked in east London, transported to Wiltshire, reheated the following day and served a’la field across the road.

Triumphing against these odds, it’s a great recipe to have up your sleeve for such times. The main photo is courtesy of a big potatoes sista, cheers hun! Continue reading “Swiss Chard and Mushroom Galette”

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