Pickled Onions


Would you just look at these beauties. The simple things are the best, aren’t they.

Cannot stop thinking about this jar of spiky gorgeousness we made yesterday – and how long we’re going to have to wait to try them. It’s 2 months, aaaages in other words.

This is the first time we’ve made pickled onions (I know, can hardy believe it meself, like), mostly cuz all that peeling seems like such a teary faff, never thinking to actually check a recipe for the low-down.

Well, the low-down is there’s a trick involved and the onions are easy to peel. Predictably.

The countdown begins. Continue reading “Pickled Onions”

Bandit’s Joy

Nice to end on a recipe for our name sake vegetable. Hope you’ve enjoyed the Veggie Power series this week.

So we saw this recipe in Rick Stein’s fantastic From Venice to Istanbul. It’s from Albania.

And if this is what the good people of Albania can do with the humble potato, then we need to know what else they know about food, immediately.  Continue reading “Bandit’s Joy”

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