Gnudi with Sage Butter


OM Bloody G, these mo fo’s are good.

Delicate, fluffy, delicious little morsels, you have to give these a go.

Gnudi is the Tuscan word for naked, the idea being that these dreamy balls of ricotta are ‘nude ravioli’ – just the tasty filling without the pasta shell.

So, yeh, it’s a 2 day process. And yeh, you do have to do all the steps or it won’t work. Soz. Each stage is really quick and easy however, bar the 2 lots of overnighting that is.

Absolutely perfect for entertaining, or just stuffing your face. Continue reading “Gnudi with Sage Butter”

Bandit’s Joy

Nice to end on a recipe for our name sake vegetable. Hope you’ve enjoyed the Veggie Power series this week.

So we saw this recipe in Rick Stein’s fantastic From Venice to Istanbul. It’s from Albania.

And if this is what the good people of Albania can do with the humble potato, then we need to know what else they know about food, immediately.  Continue reading “Bandit’s Joy”

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