Porridge Bread

We’re making Jenny Chandler’s Porridge Bread and oh my days it’s a revelation!

Big fans of Jenny ‘The Bean Queen’ Chandler round these parts.

If, like us, you’ve been wanting to start making your own bread at home for a while but can’t ever seem to get off the starting block, then this simple and delicious soda bread recipe is for you!

You have nothing to lose by trying this, please do.  Continue reading “Porridge Bread”

Happy 420!

Four and 20 hemp cookies baked in an oven. Just a little something to say Happy 420 y’all.

Hemp heart and coconut cookie kisses, to give them their full name, are utterly delicious little bites made out of mega foods. As you know, hemp seeds are one of the most nutritionally buff substances known to human, and in case that’s not enough for ya, chia seeds, goji berries and oats are all along for the ride too.

A moist coconutty centre, think macaroon meets oatmeal cookie. Continue reading “Happy 420!”

These 5 Grains

Welcome to our most ambitious post to date. We’re really getting into grains in a big way at the moment, along our climate kind, meat-reducin’ wasting nothin’ path. So we’re gunna take a few to witter on about these five grains with a recipe for each, showcasing the extraordinary versitility of ancient grains. Continue reading “These 5 Grains”

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