By the Power of Vegetables 2….

We’re back with a bit more veggie power for ya….

You remember the last one, right? Back in April? We featured five dishes giving vegetables centre stage.

Reckon it’s time we checked in again, what with our mish here at CBP to eat less meat and shout our big mouth off about it.

We’re on a root vegetable tip this time round and these beauties, each of them capable of ‘holding the plate’, will be coming atcha over the next few days…. Continue reading “By the Power of Vegetables 2….”

Parsnip, Potato and Dill Soup

So, d’ya remember we had some parsnips leftover from the Veggie Power series last week? Can’t think why you would but humour us.

We made soup, which is about our favourite thing to do in culinary terms, just rustling up a soup from end bits and balls-ups.*

Making soup generates such a virtuously warm feeling it boarders on the smug. Add to that that due to the potato this soup becomes thick and creamy all by it’s self, and you have yourself a four ingredient vegan alert.

So with a smugness value of high, off we go.  Continue reading “Parsnip, Potato and Dill Soup”

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