Spinach and Mushroom Quinoa

A lite bite for you that’s so easy there’s no need for a recipe.

Ready in the time it takes to cook some quinoa, so… 20mins. And as long you use oil to fry the mushrooms and wilt the spinach then you have a vegan dish of loveliness to devour.

Ensure to drizzle the ensemble with olive oil and lashings of s&p to serve.

This is a base recipe really, to wit you can add whatever you fancy. Go to it!  Continue reading “Spinach and Mushroom Quinoa”

Superbowl Salad

Not to mislead those looking for NFL junk food delights, we’re not sure a rubble of raw veggies, lentils and quinoa quite cuts it as a nachos / dog side order. It ain’t slaw.

Nah. This is a hearty bowl of superfoods, hence the ridic’ name we’ve given it. Eating this is better suited to playing a sport than watching one we’d say.

For some unknown reason I’ve always been surprised when I enjoy ‘healthy’ food – this was mind blowing.

Vegan business.
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Green Goddess Salad

We’ve got a winner on our hands with this one. The classic green goddess dressing is back from the 70’s, and beautifully updated here with an avocado, pea and quinoa salad. A great mid-weeker cuz it’s quick, easy, packed with nutritional goodness, including protein from the quinoa, and greater than the sum of it’s parts taste wise.

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