Superbowl Salad

Not to mislead those looking for NFL junk food delights, we’re not sure a rubble of raw veggies, lentils and quinoa quite cuts it as a nachos / dog side order. It ain’t slaw.

Nah. This is a hearty bowl of superfoods, hence the ridic’ name we’ve given it. Eating this is better suited to playing a sport than watching one we’d say.

For some unknown reason I’ve always been surprised when I enjoy ‘healthy’ food – this was mind blowing.

Vegan business.
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One Pot Pasta Primavera

One more for ya, perhaps saving the best til last. This is delish, as they all are!

You’ve got the gist by now – pasta, sauce – one pot.

We’ve adpated this one a little bit, we swapped the orecchiette for orzo to a very pleasing risotto like effect, went for asparagus instead of green beans and chucked in some baby leeks for good measure. We were heartly chuffed with the results.  Continue reading “One Pot Pasta Primavera”

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